Best Junk Removal in South End of Charlotte NC

We Strive for Convenience, Options, Affordability and to be the best locally owned Junk Removal company.

Junk Removal in South End of Charlotte, North Carolina

Do you have your junk ready for us to pick up and don’t want to do the work yourself? Dumpster Dog will come over and empty your attic or garage for you. Also we do large item removal for beds/mattresses/appliances/furniture and other bulk items. (Exceptions and conditional extra fees may apply). Give us a call today for to schedule a quote and check availability in the South End Area of Charlotte NC.

How Working With Dumpster Dog Works:

1. Scheduling Junk Removal
Ready to make some space by getting a junk clean out? Feel free to book online or call us at 980-888-6988 and we’ll come help you. Our pricing is based on the volume of junk you have us to remove. And, with fast on-site payment options, partnering with us couldn’t be any easier!

2. Dumpster Dog Comes To You
Modern day life can get complicated. In an effort to make things much easier for you, we’ll make appointment times that are convenient to our customers. Once we show up, our courteous, uniformed, and fully insured team will work with you to quickly look over all of your unwanted items to be hauled off. Next, we’ll provide you with a quote for removal.

3. IT's Bye Bye To Your Junk
We make sure that every customer is fully happy with the service we provide. Upon your approval, we’ll quickly remove all of your unwanted items (from wherever they are) to save you the time & hassle of the work. Just as important, we'll prepare, and move all of your sustainable “junk” to a local charity, donation center, recycling facility, etc. to help the impact on our environment. Working with Dumpster Dog is very simple and very cost effective, so contact us today to make your junk disappear!